Requestly release process


  • Checkout master branch and fetch it git checkout master && git pull origin master
  • Checkout production branch - git checkout production && git pull origin production
  • Merge master branch to it - git merge master
  • Run Unit tests - grunt test
  • Update version number in Shared.js, manifest_chrome.json, mainfest_firefox.json, package.json, Gruntfile.json
  • Run build command - grunt release-chrome
  • Upload the build to Chrome Store
  • Delete the earliest build. We want to keep only 3 previous builds.
  • Run command - ./
  • Copy the new artifact to static-content repo (We currently host firefox builds on firebase)
  • Copy the new artifact to dropbox with name and as requestly-latest.xpi (This is linked on requestly home page)
  • Update updates.json inside dropbox directory
  • Commit the files - git add . && git commit -m "Requestly va.b.c released"
  • Push to production branch - git push origin production
  • Add tag - git tag -a va.b.c -m Requestly va.b. released
  • Push the tags - git push --tags origin
  • Merge to master - git checkout master && git merge production


  1. Requestly uses grunt-zipup to create a zip file of source code. This tool only works on Unix or Mac So requestly’s zip can only be created on Linux/Mac OS.
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